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Established in 2006 Gargash Auto Body is part of Gargash Group of Companies;

One of the leading conglomerates in the UAE and Middle East. Autobody is a complete Automotive Solutions Workshop (ASW) which has earned a reputation for providing quality service to its customers across the region. Since inception, we have established long-term relationships with our customers who have grown to depend on the efficient, cost-effective and personalized services offered. Being an independent workshop with over 13 years of experience, our highly trained staff uses the latest tools and techniques to achieve high quality of repair.

Specialty: Prestige Vehicle Specialist/Mercedes/BMW/Mini-Cooper Classic Car Restoration Polishing & Valeting

Worry Free Auto Maintenance Services

Gargash Autobody

Provides Wide Range Of Auto Maintenance Services

Which includes all type of mechanical, electrical, body paint, etc.

Professional Inspection

Autobody vehicle inspection is always performed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. Our trained personnel will closely scrutinize every component of your car and ensure that things are in place. Although we primarily zero on analyzing the engine, electronics and braking systems, we will also look into other issues such as oil changes, filter replacements, fluid top-ups of the repair of worn out / defective auto parts.

Fair & Transparent Pricing

We offer fair and transparent pricing and provide estimates upfront for all of our services. Book with confidence.

Team Quick Response

We are giving quick response for any inquiries to all related services including 24/7 Recovery services.

24/7 Customer Support

Our team is providing 24/7 Customer Support to keep them updated, happy and satisfied.

Auto body Painting

We are specialized in painting and polishing with our computerize color mixing unit that provide the exact colors of paint. Paintwork & accidental repairs, the team can definitely handle.

Mechanical and Electrical

Autobody mechanical and electrical section having highly experience staff provides high quality of maintenance. If you are having troubles with any of the mechanical systems, on-board your vehicle as the Autobody experts can be relied upon to put things in place. Everything from identifying the underlying problems to repairing and replacing necessary parts, we've got you covered.

244 Happy Customers

Happiness Guaranteed : All services are backed by our 6 months mechanical and 12 months paint work warranty.

12 + Certified Technicians

We only hire technicians with at least 5 years of experience and the skill set to deliver the Quality of work that means our standards.

1230 + Working Hours

Our Staff having long working experience, to make customer satisfaction.


Our Equipment & Workshops

Gargash Autobody are having all type of equipment which can enhance our performance and convenience in locations.


Al Qouz

Welcome Desk

Al Qouz Receiption


Al Qouz

25,000 sq/ft.

Al Qouz

Our Equipments

Al Qouz

High Quality Paints

Al Qouz

Paint Booth


Gargash Autobody Detail Services

Providing complete range of Auto Repairing & Maintenance services.

Engine & Electrical

Cooling, Lubrication and fuel, Ignition, Mechanical, Lights inspection, Battery and charging system check, Central locking, Suspension arms, Steering rack, Engine mounting and bushes, Air suspension, Hydraulic suspension, Differential oil, transfer case, Engine and transmission overhauling / Replacement.

Chassis & Suspension

Chassis Alignment, Chassis Correction, Shocks Absorber, Springs and bushes, Engine Maintenance, Brake pads, shoes and discs inspection, ABS check brake lines hand brake operation, Exhaust system inspection, Computer check-up.


Providing Air-conditioning complete services, A/C gas leak test, A/C compressor test, A/C blower check. Air conditioning has become a standard feature in most modern cars and needs regular maintenance to ensure a long service life. In addition to the loss of coolant, bacteria and fungus may also build up and eventually cause unpleasant odors if the air conditioning system is not cleaned properly.

Interior & Exterior

Providing complete interior & exterior paint, polishing, maintenance. Even the most hard-wearing upholstery can get snagged / torn / even crack or wear out. Most cloth and leather trims and seat covers can be renovated and repaired to high standard at a fraction of the cost.


We deal in all major insurance companies, RSA Insurance - ASCANA Insurance- Al Watania Insurance- Oman Insurance.

For further details contact us.

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